Firstly, Why Strange Poetry?

We understand that the term ‘strange’ is subjective. We embrace that subjectivity, we have already received lots of submissions and our definition put simply, is ‘if you think your poem is strange, then it is’.

So how did we decide who to publish and who not to publish. This is where we are looking for the really strange, we want to see poems that really struggle to exist in a world where everything is catered for. We want poems that deliver meaning without needing to make sense. We want poems that tackle strange subject matter in mundane ways.

We aimed for a site that is provocative, interesting and engaging. We won’t pick a poem simply because it is strange, it needs to have something more.

Secondly, Why?

A great second question!

We set up our site because we held a firm belief that everyone has at least one strange poem. A poem that they had fun writing, a poem that dribbled out of them, a poem that no mother could love… we want to love that poem.

And we think that everyone has that poem hidden away at the back of the drawer, stashed away in a folder labelled ‘unwanted’, thrown at other poets in an act of protest…

So you sent us your poems and we think people wanted to see them.


The Strange Poet Editors

(Strange Poetry was edited by Stephen Daniels)